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We are a small family run company providing solar powered lighting and security for the average horse owner.

Having owned field kept horses for the majority of my life we understand the difficulties of the darkness of the winter months in a field where you have no power.

We had been so used to keeping the horses without lights, security or power that when we first got our solar panels we were surprised how much easier winter chores became with lights and being able to check on our horses whenever we wanted was a massive reassurance. 

We wanted to share this with everyone who were struggling with the same things we had been

Emily and Mars

Emily is 29 and has had Mars since she was 9 years old. Mars is a 20 year old New Forest pony.

Simon and Red

Simon is 40 and has owned Red for 4 years. Red is a 6 year old Hackney cross. 

Buddy and Tilly the office cats

Buddy is on the left, we have been his guardian for 11 years now he is loving and always a very hungry cat. Tilly is on the right, we have been her guardian for 3 years now. She is a very busy little cat bringing us at least 2 mice a day.

  Our Solar Power Kits  

We developed our solar kits after many unsuccessful attempts at finding the correct solution for us. We had tried a number of commercial solutions from battery operated LED lights to solar lighting kits, however we found that none of them really fulfilled what we needed. The lights were not bright enough and the amount of time they could actually provide useful illumination in the winter was down to minutes a day, not the hours quoted.      

Our kits are designed for equestrians by equestrians, having had our boys in fields without power and lights for years we know how difficult and frustrating the long dark winter nights can be. Having to do feed, feet and rugs by head torch is less than ideal!!

Our Solar Power Kits can supply you with all year round lighting, charge your mobile phones, tablets and additionally power your electric fencers, the kits also remove the hassle of having to replace batteries every 2 or 3 weeks. We have also designed kits to power and run security cameras, and the images can be viewed live anytime via your mobile phone, tablet or computer giving you the peace of mind that your equipment is safe, and more importantly that your horses are safe.


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