Livestock Guardian

Smart motion detection.

Detect humans with humanoid detection and human framing. Allowing you to avoid unnecessary notifications.

Planned recordings.

Allowing you to choose quiet hours/days on the yard to put on motion detection.


Scheduled recordings.

Full recording periods so you don't miss anything during those times.

The Livestock guardian will give you the certainty that it will provide you with the security you need whether your yard is next to your house or in a remote location.

Live Viewing from your Smart device

The Livestock Guardian makes a perfect Lambing or calving camera, or pigs alpacas, goats you name it, Your animals can be safe with eyes in the barn or field either just for births in spring or just general welfare checks all year round.

Saving you time checking or missing anything.

Night vision.

Every Livestock Guardian has night vision allowing you to check animals or keep receiving motion detection notifications any time day or night.

Easy to install

Self install with a compressive guide to help you get connected, avoiding expensive installation costs and allowing easy relocation if needed.


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