Stable/Barn & Yard lighting Kits

What is a Plug 'N' Play kit?

This is a unique design for putting your lights together even if you have no electrical or solar knowledge simply follow the the guide by matching the colours up and finish by connecting the battery.

This allows people with minimum electrical knowledge to still have solar without the worry

We offer off-grid solar powered systems for stables. It harnesses the power of the sun with use of a solar panel to use at a later time. Most of what you need can be powered from it, from simple lights to your electric fence!

All of the items power ratings and quality has been checked to make sure it does exactly what it needs to do!

From making sure the lights are completely weatherproof to making sure they are powered for long enough to actually help an equestrian in the winter when its most needed.

It can be seen from the photos above and below how much improvement our lighting kit can make to the illumination in the enclosed areas, not only at night but also in the day. The LED strips can be fixed directly on to the roof beams in your tack room or stable

'Something that is really going to work when you really need it.'

Our kits can be left all year with no need to charge batteries. They are completely maintenance free. To make sure you know exactly what you’re getting we tell you exactly how long our kits will power the whole kit for. We don’t believe in over-estimating what products can do! therefor all our products have been extensively tested to allow them to run for the minimum times stated. This allows you to do all your chores in the luxury of light even in the depths of winter. 

The advantage of having multiple LED's is that it produces excellent light dispersion, with almost no obstruction of what you are trying to do. So no more trying to change your position around the stable trying to get a good look at your horses feet, or simply trying to muck out.

Why choose solar?

By adding a solar panel to any 12v set-up it allows your battery to charge during the day during sunlight hours. No need to remove your batteries regularly to charge 'dead' batteries. The constant discharging and re-charging of batteries drastically reduces the life of them, and as we all know they are not cheap to replace.

Plug 'N' Play Kits

Kits designed for you to have professional quality solar lights that you can put up yourself.


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