• EquiWatch solar kit.


    This solar kit is specially designed for the EquiWatch Dome 10 camera (4G & Wi-Fi variants)and is ideal for stables/barns/fields or yards that need CCTV security but do not have electricity. You will need to purchase the camera and battery separately.


    Why choose solar?

    By adding a solar panel to any 12v set-up it allows your battery to charge during the day during sunlight hours. No need to remove your batteries regularly to charge 'dead' batteries. The constant discharging and re-charging of batteries drastically reduces the life of them, and as we all know they are not cheap to replace.


    Solar Panel

    This solar option has been specifically designed to work with the EquiWatch Dome 10 cameras, taking away the need to move and charge heavy batteries.


    It comes as our unique Plug 'N' Play kit with all cables ready made. With a simple instructional guide to get the most out of your EquiWatch Plug'N'Play kit.


    The solar kit will keep your leisure battery charged throughout the year (in average weather conditions, eg, cloudy conditions for overly prolonged time). 

    Each kit has been checked throughly to make sure it can run your EquiWatch camera throughout the year eliminating the need for mistakes and making sure that you don’t need to do complicated calculations or guessing at panel sizes.


    When we receive your order we also check that the kit will work for your location (based on your shipping address) making sure that you don’t miss out on your power requirements due to your location.


    The kit includes 

    • Solar Panel
    • Solar Panel Z Mounts
    • Charge Controller
    • 5 Meter Fused Battery Cable
    • 3 Meter cable to camera


     Each kit comes with 3 levels of surge protection in order to protect your camera from unwanted electrical surges when the weather decides to go from bleak to unusually sunny, especially helpful in the UK climate.


    Material must be taken into account if you are fixing to concrete walls or metal, extra fixings will be needed. *Battery not included.* We recommend a 110ah leisure battery to get the best from this kit.

    Solar kit for the EquiWatch Dome 10 (Plug'N'Play)



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