• This camera is ideal for stables/barns/fields or yards that need CCTV but doesn't have  internet connection.

    The EquiWatch 300 can be run off mains\batteries or solar panels and as it runs from the 4G network it does not need Wi-Fi connection. 


    Perfect for:

    • Outdoor security in remote locations.
    • Fields or Yards that are off-grid or have no existing Wi-Fi.
    • Surveillance of animals that are under vet care.
    • Foaling, Calving & Lambing


    What does it do?

    • Pro HD 2K.
    • 300 degrees rotational viewing.
    • 60 degrees tilt.
    • 5 x optical Zoom.
    • Live view straight to your phone.
    • Motion detection with planned alert timings for the week or constant video recording functions.*
    • Smart Humaniod detection minimising nusiance tripping.
    • Alarms and notifications directly to your smart phone.
    • Record button to allow you to save your favourite moments.
    • Take pictures straight onto your app.
    • Supports upto 128GB storage micro SD card.
    • Nightvision IR upto 60 meters.
    • Rugged water resistant (IP66) design.


    You can check live view or captured videos\pictures on your cameras at anytime from any of your devices.


    This kit comes as:

    • EquiWatch 300 Camera.
    • Mains adapter.
    • SIM card with £10 Credit (EE PAYG)
    • Comes set-up ready to use.


    We offer a free 20 minutes tutorial if you would like to learn all the functions of the camera.


    Comes with connections for mains however you will need additional battery cables if running off of a 12 volt battery or you may need an extension which can be found in our shop. 


    *When SD card is inserted.

    Check that your device is compatable with the CamHi app.

    Material must be taken into account if you are fixing to concrete walls or metal extra fixings will be needed.

    When out of stock we accept pre-orders however cannot guarantee delivery times. This can take upto 28 days due to delivery from our manufacturers

    As a pre-order you a leaving a 10% non-refundable deposit, the remainder will be payable when your camera is in stock.

    EquiWatch 300 4G



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