• Save time by checking all your tyre pressures with one click of a button.


    Heading out for a show, a lesson or transporting your horses we all know how stressfull it can be!

    Sometimes we cut corners and we dont always check the tyre pressures.


    These are perfect for horseboxes and trailers un-like alot of tyre monitoring systems which cant transmit the length of the car and horse trailer. These can transmit up-to 7.5 meters away and have been thoroughly tested on horse trailers.


    No need for proffessional fitting simply screw the cap onto the tyre valve tighten with the spanner provided and your ready to go. The monitor has a handy solar panel keeping it fully charged meaning you never forget to charge it.


    The Horse trailer tyre monitoring system not only tells you the pressures in upto 4 tyres it can be an early warning for other issues in the wheel station.


    Sudden loss of pressure - puncture / leak / buldges / blow-out.

    Excessive heat on one tyre - binding brakes or wearing bearing.

    Heat build up on one side - un-even loading / binding hand brake.


    All this can be monitored whilst moving and stationary allowing you to keep your trailer safe and more importantly your horse!!



    Horse Trailer Tyre Monitoring System



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