Security Cameras

At solar Equestrian we aim to make solar powered CCTV accessible to everyone. 

Due to the uniqueness of our CCTV kits it allows you to monitor anywhere. As they can be run off of a 12 Volt battery or solar you can even have CCTV in the middle of a field.

Be reassured of your animals safety and wellbeing. Check at any time you like from anywhere in the world, whether you’re 10 minutes away at work, or on the other side of the world on holiday.

Featured product

EquiWatch Dome 20 4G

EquiWatch Dome 20 4G


 Live view straight from your phone or tablet.

Checking on your animals from your phone or tablet allows you the peace of mind to check them whenever you want.


Whats the difference between 4G and Wi-Fi?

The 4G cameras use a SIM card to make their own WiFi so can be used in places that don't have Wi-Fi, without out missing out on any of the great features of the EquiWatch cameras.

If you have Wi-Fi you can simply have a EquiWatch Wi-Fi. You can even connect to an EquiWatch 4G with a Wi-Fi version.

Just keeping watch.

Keep an eye on your horse in the stable or in the field for vet checks or just to make sure they're managing in the thunder storms or excess heat. 


With the ability to record movements or have scheduled/planned recordings for only at certain times of the day or week you can use the EquiWatch with certainty that it will provide you with the security you need.

Foaling, Lambing and Calving

The EquiWatch makes a perfect Foaling, Lambing or calving camera. With all the notifications and recordings turned off you can simply check your barn from your phone to see if you need to assist. Saving you time checking or missing anything.

The EquiWatch Solar kit.

All our EquiWatch camera can be run anywhere, off of our specially designed solar kits. We have designed them to make sure they work though-out the year so you won't run out of power even in winter.

EquiWatch 4G cameras

No need for Wi-Fi.

These cameras make their own Wi-Fi using a SIM card


EquiWatch Wi-Fi cameras

These cameras can be used if you have Wi-Fi or as a second camera to connect to a 4G EquiWatch camera.


Make them Off-grid

A selection of accessories to allow you to power the cameras from either a 12 volt battery or solar powered kit.

EquiWatch Accessories

A selection of accessories that you may need.


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